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When I start your project I'll follow this process, it means you know what to expect and gives me the required foundations to build an incredible product.

  1. Initial meeting

    Whether it be over a coffee, local pub or even skype I'll chat about your business and your project aspirations to get a clear idea of what you're after and how I can be of assistance.

  2. Gather requirements

    I'll conduct an in depth analysis of your business and what you hope to achieve from your website. All specific requirements and such will be gathered during this phase.

  3. Proposal & Pricing

    Once I've made a thorough assessment of your requirements I will build a plain and simple estimate and define clear milestones and deliverables.

  1. Confirmation

    I get the green light letting me know that you're going ahead with the project, we exchange contracts, and take a deposit where necessary.

  2. Live prototypes

    I will provide you with clickable, fully interactive and responsive prototypes, so you can get a clear feel for how your site will operate, before I start deciding how it should look.

  3. Fine tuning

    We'll have another informal chat so I can double check the requirements again, just to ensure 100% clarity.

  1. Putting it all together

    As soon as your happy with the prototypes I shall begin coding your website using the latest W3C standards to ensure your project will not only look beautful but actually engage the target audience.

  2. Review and testing

    I'll put your website through rigorous browser compatibility and accessibility testing and correct any issues I come up against.

  3. Launch!

    You're ready to Launch! I'll hand over your project and hit the launch button.

Launching is just the beginning!

I'll be with you every step of the way offering advice, maintenance and ongoing support.

I am looking to expand my portfolio and as a result I'm offering large discounts on projects!
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  1. How will I update my website?

    If required I can build a CMS (content management system) into your website that will allow you to easily update pages. This is especially important if you wish to provide your visitors with fresh content / products.

  2. Are there any additional / hidden costs?

    No. Once a quote is given for a project that price is final. - Unless of course if you (the client) chooses to change the specification such as requiring extra features that were not present in the original requirements I based my quote on. In this case I would re-calculate the price and see if you still wanted to go ahead with the changes.

  1. What happens once the project has been completed?

    If required I can publish it online along with password protection so only you have access. Once you are satisfied with your website and ready for it to go live to the public you can notify me and I'll hit launch!

    Alternatively I can email the project and you can publish it yourself.

  2. How long does it take to complete a project?

    That depends on how prepared the client is and the scale of the project. It is possible for a small project to completed in as little as 3 weeks.

    Once I have gathered all the requirements for the project I will submit a timeline along with the proposal and pricing. This will outline the timescale of the project. Naturally I will keep you updated on progress regularly.

  1. Do you take on overflow work from other agences or freelancers?

    Yes, I offer a completely white label service for other agencies / Freelancers looking to outsource overflow work to me. Please get in touch to discuss what I can do for you.

  2. Great, I'd like to work with you. What next?

    First things first, get in touch and say hi. We can have a chat about you, your business and the project you have in mind. If you already have a brief then feel free to send it straight over, however I understand that you may wish me to take control of the project and so a long detailed brief isn't strictly required.

    Budgets are also very important, if you have one please let me know, as quite often this can be what defines the scope of the project in terms of what can be acheived and how much of my time can be provided. Everyone's budget is differs and I can cater for most.

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